I am Sebastián, mostly known by the nickname Chevy. I am 25 from Bogotá, Colombia. Graduated from a B.A. in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication at Universidad de La Sabana.

I have developed a lot of skills in different areas thanks to the emphases I was able to take both in college and independently. Starting with digital editing of photographies and video editing including coloring, I trained myself to explore my creativity even before I started my degree, in which I also developed my skills in Script Writing, which led me to do my internship in a production company as a Junior Screenwriter. I also specialized in Film Production in the last year of my degree and therefore I have been a Producer in officially selected audiovisual projects. Also, before my degree started, I was a photography aficionado and after many classes, I developed more skills to continue my work in this field as a current independent activity. Finally, I blog a lot and have developed three websites in the last five years, including strong knowledge in social networks.

I am Film Producer, Screenwriter, Photographer and Blogger with greatly developed editing and coloring skills.