Sebastián, who mostly goes by the nickname ‘Chevy’ is 25 years old from Bogotá, Colombia. He graduated in 2017 from a B.A. in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication at Universidad de La Sabana.

He is currently working on three projects: the first one is a project called “Film Postcards” (@postcardsfilms) as a Scriptwriter and General Producer; the second as an Editor for some of the videos by Jacob Laukaitis; and the third one as a Content Producer and Video Editor on the Food Explorior YouTube channel.

Besides that, he also does photography and some videography whenever possible.

Throughout his professional career, he has developed a lot of skills in different areas thanks to the emphases he was able to take both in college and independently. Starting with Photo and Video Editing, including Coloring, he trained himself to explore his creativity even before he started his degree; he also developed his skills in Scriptwriting, which led him to do his internship in a production company as a Junior Screenwriter. He also specialized in Film Production in the last year of his degree which allowed him to be a Producer in a couple of officially selected audiovisual projects.