Caelo’s “Visions” EP Inspired

I was recently inspired by this relatively new band from Cape Town called “Caelo”, who released their first EP “Visions”, so I decided to create a photography series on Instagram inspired by their music.

The first photo, the one above, is inspired by “Renegades” — ‘Face the demons of my past – It was my absolution’ — This is the 2nd song on the EP and it is my current favorite song lyrically and rhythmically (the guitar riffs and the drums are insane!). It is also my favorite photo of the series, a photo I took of myself, which surprises me cause I always feel afraid of doing it so. “Renegades” is the darkest song of the EP for me, and probably why it’s my favorite. It’s about the past and the future, how it hurts and how it makes us scream and look for a solution, a way to escape our demons.
This second image is inspired by “Catacombs” — ‘I’m not my only friend – This is all you’ll ever be’ — This is the 4th song on the EP. “All You Need” leads to this song, which reflects the journey of the first 3, with a bit of liberation but also the realization of darkness still present. The most different song in the EP for sure, which is great!

The third image is inspired by their song “All You Need” — ‘I’m going backwards I can’t breathe’ — This is the 3rd song on the EP  and it is a culmination of the first 3 songs, which to me communicate the desperation and pain inside our head; it’s like giving up but ultimately letting the others take it all while we start over by ourselves, we’re not the same anymore. Curiously, the lyrics in the only paper that can be read belong to the last song of the EP, “Catacombs”, because of the previous explanation.

The last photo I took was inspired by “Visions” — ‘And see those visions in your head’ — This particular photo is a representation of the lyrics of the song which to me translate to a state of delusion where you move on but you also don’t, while the music makes it more intense as it advances.

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