Santa Marta – Travel Film

This was my first experience filming one of my trips. I took my recently purchased camera and decided to film certain moments as well as some shots I already had in mind.

This is an excerpt from the full post that you can find here!

I took the leap and decided not only to take photos but to record videos of my trip with the objective of putting this video together.

Do it. We tend to have these goals in mind, even the smallest ones, but for whatever reasons (usually not very reasonable ones) we don’t even try. I had to put aside the “I might not be as good as I would like” to just do it and realize that yes, I will always be subject of improvement and there will always be someone better than me, but the point is on doing my best and challenging myself to keep improving.

I love to live through camera lenses. And although there are many things I like to witness only through my eyes, I am constantly thinking in a photography mode. Recording this video and putting it together was a nice way to print these images in my mind and experience the moment in a way I also enjoy.

People seeing me with a camera might be uncomfortable but that’s okay. People can lack trust and they probably don’t like to be filmed and I try not to focus on just one person, but also they can also see me with weird eyes because I am filming in my vacations. So what?