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I am a man with struggles, and women are also affected by them

What if we acknowledged that men also cry, that men also should be able to decide if they want to be physically strong or not?

Media: a reflection of society

Although traditional communication channels such as cinema, TV, and radio still play a big role; it is through social media that most of the information gets highlighted or buried…

Friends heartbreak is real

In the process of learning that some people are meant to stay in our lives just for a short period of time, we need to understand that losing someone hurts some people more than others…

Goodbye, friend

Your reflection doesn’t have your face anymore, it is a dark and lonely spot that keeps hope alive towards someone else to fill or mend it.

Manchester By The Sea: Masterpiece

Manchester By The Sea is […] about the importance of the people around us and how, even if it is too messed up, there is always room for hope and redemption.

What I learned from people that I didn’t feel comfortable with

At the end, what makes us attractive to other people is also what makes us different and unique. That you can’t change.

Sherlock’s Final Problem?

[…] it just wasn’t as clever as before, or let me rephrase it, it wasn’t the same clever as before. And there’s the key. That is a consequence of the show not being anymore about detectives and their cases.

Why paying attention to people is more important than we think

[…] but even if we get responses to our messages, sometimes we can’t be certain that the other person is genuinely interested.

An Insider, Outside

[…] we could be more open to people and therefore to the possibility of socializing and creating strong connections.