This was my first time actually back — in almost two years— in the town in which I lived for many years. At its core, the town was the same, but it was clear that new buildings, businesses, and visual changes had appeared.


This town is located on a plateau, with its main population located in a kind of small area, but with many rural and side areas that make the town a rather large one.

The center of the town is composed of a park that showcases a beautiful church, and in this time the park was featuring some street sellers.


The streets are irregular and not at all flat, with colorful constructions and shops.


There was time and a perfect place to see the sunset.


And finally, some other photos I snapped on my way there and of different stuff.


Camera: Sony a6000 + Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

Lenses: Kit lens + 50mm f/1.8