Besides the travel short film I shot and edited from my trip to Santa Marta, I took a lot of photos from my time there. I spent 100% of the time in my hotel since I had visited the city on a previous trip, and the idea was to have the most relaxed vacation time ever now.

To start, two airplane views, one in the middle of the route and the other just seconds before landing in Santa Marta:


We stayed at the Decameron hotel in the building you see below. This hotel has 5 different restaurants (one of them in the shape of a ship!) and a huge private beach with lots of nature around. Here are some shots of the hotel facilities:


Of course, the main attraction of the place is the beach, given this is a coast city. The private beach of the hotel is big enough to gather most of the guests and give a wide view of the Atlantic ocean.


One of the pleasures of the ocean is the sunsets and I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos of them in the 6 days I spent there. These are some of my favorites!


And finally, some other different photos I took:



Camera: Sony a6000 | Lenses: Kit lens + 50mm f/1.8